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Straight Forward Confidence Building Tactics

Straight Forward Confidence Building Tactics

If you pay close attention to situations or people that surround you, those that seem to have unwavering self-confidence are the ones who get the promotions, an excellent mate, get lucky, or feel the happiest.  You, too, can be the person to strut through life happily by incorporating some confidence building tactics into your daily repertoire, no matter how busy you feel you are for these tactics.  If followed closely, you see positive results that include recognition in your social circles, family compliments, and even gaining ground at work.  These confidence building tactics appear in no particular order.

Always Doing What’s Right

Believe it or not, following crowds will lower your self-confidence, especially if the crowd is constantly taking you in different negative directions.  When your ‘gut’ feelings tell you to do something right because of your morality, listen to them.  Being the person who does what’s right builds respect, increases your vigor, and remains probably one of the bigger confidence building tools you have available.  Listening to other’s misguided information never gets you far, especially when their guidance leads you to peril.

Admittance Of Wrongdoing

You can build confidence, and gain even more respect, if you’re able to quickly catch – or at least admit – to mistakes that you make.  Those that live a constant lie will see karma catch them quickly; be the bigger person in your social group by admitting when you’ve committed errors.  You’ll see a dramatic difference in this confidence building ideology.

Brush Aside Negativity

People still do judge others based on the company you keep; therefore, you probably need to get rid of unhealthy relationships, vices, or anything else that deters your from achieving total self-confidence improvement.  It may initially hurt to see people or vices go, but it can hurt worse if they stayed.  Remember this confidence building schema is for you, not them.

The path to increasing your self-confidence begins just as soon as you can incorporate confidence building tactics into your life.  Change is something that requires flexibility in your comfort zone; if you are comfortable with stepping outside of yourself, you’re an excellent candidate to have immediate results using basic confidence building tactics in your life.  Your friends, co-workers and loved ones will enjoy the increase in confidence to the point of encouraging further growth.

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Building Employability For Personal Development

Emotions factor in heavily when considering evaluating your needs in personal development; however, we all need to eat, live, and have some form of nest egg for later in life.  Building employability is one of the more financially serious parts of personal development.  Otherwise dubbed as human capital, employability encompasses our desire and ability to gain income benefits through acts of labor.  Self-help in this regard is available from life coaches, job coaches and even your family, yet no one can make you employable.  Skills development is perhaps the top need to push personal development to levels that can suffice employers; without work, you have no home, and the ‘domino effect’ will continue until you’re homeless and starving.  Here are some key mitigating ways to pique your employability interests.

Resumes Sell – Who’s Buying?

We can all make a resume – making one that accurate sells you without speaking takes talent.  If you wish to have any employer buy into your work history and abilities without you uttering a word, you need to hone your resume writing skills.  Plenty of online resources are available relevant to resume building professionally.  You may entertain the thought of paying for your resume as well; regardless of what path you take, your self help needs for employability will rely solely on the way you carefully script your resume for employers to have enough motivation to hire you.  Building employability for personal development starts here.

Networking Correctly

Giving your friends a resume to take to work is not frugal networking nor will it come close to increasing employability for you.  In order to increase your personal development, you’ll need to rub elbows with people that are relevant to your career field.  Go to social outings, attend free seminars, and even talk with business people around town to learn more about their business while dropping connotations of wanting to work with them.  In doing this, you’ll create a strong network of people who can help you to achieve your employability goals.  Sometimes career self help needs a little boost; networking gives you that punch perhaps you never had before.

Your personal development has to begin somewhere; since having some sort of financial gain is needed to maintain other areas of your life, building your employability is a self help tool that you simply shouldn’t forego.  Research, refine, and resume your employability skills before more opportunities slip through your fingers.

Enriching Your Personal Improvement Through Laughter

We all know the healing power of laughter, and the ways a good amount of laughter can boost your self-esteem.  If you’ve been struggling with your personal improvement plans due to unforeseen setbacks or hindrances, you can work through these issues with a little laughter in your repertoire.   Lacking laughter could prevent you from realize your goals, could shoot you into a depressing state, or cause a sharp decline in health. Here are some basic techniques to induce laughter on a moment’s notice and keep the same mood all day long, boosting your mental and emotional metabolism.

Stand-Up Comedy

Nothing could jerk happy tears or laughter better than seeing a good stand-up comedy skit or some improvised comedy.  If you cannot make it to a comedy club, plenty of funny shows or skits are rentable or even viewable on basic cable television.  I always get a rise out of some dry humor when I’m down.

Keep Funny Company

If people truly do judge you by the company you keep, make that company a hilarious bunch.  Keeping funny conversations, actions or simply people around you for a period of time not only boosts the spirits and gets you chuckling, but it also provides a channel for stress you may have in your life.  People that make you laugh, also, probably already realize your downtrodden mood and will probably work twice as hard to make your spirits rise.

Do Something Random

Find something totally random, out of the ordinary and unexpected out of your character, such as dancing in the rain, making snow angels, or even playing a game you’ve never tried before.  Acts of a random nature teach our souls to live outside the box, stretch our intellects and give us yet another means to vent stress out of our lives.  Anything that can assist us in venting stressful situations from our lives and make us laugh should definitely be a close consideration in personal improvement.

Laughter isn’t a cure-all by any means, yet it’s historically known to improve your health and give your depression the boot.  When you feel down and out, and your personal improvement needs a huge boost for success, try to incorporate some laughter into the mix and watch the grey go quietly away.

Sell Yourself To Yourself: Self Help Thoughts

Convincing others of your personality, abilities, and feelings is a seemingly easy conversation to engage in.  However, in terms of overall personal development, can you sell yourself to yourself? Surprisingly, not many people are great at convincing themselves of the very message they so easily pass on to others.  If you are struggling terribly to imbue positive thoughts about yourself to yourself, here are some simplistic starting points relevant to self help you can use to become a great self-salesman.

Mirror, Mirror..

Have you actually assessed yourself in a mirror lately? Did you like what you seen? One suggested thing to do would be to have regular conversations with yourself in the mirror because, realistically speaking, you can honestly learn a ton about yourself in a short period of time through visualization aids such as reflective speaking offers.  You can learn what you don’t like, what perturbs you, and things that make you smile.  Once you have taken adequate time to talk to yourself daily, you will slowly convince (or re-convince) yourself that what you tell others about yourself is true.  Consider this positive enforcement of emotional facts.


Another excellent way to achieve self help would be to journalize anything that either positively or adversely affects your moods.  Fights, disappointments at work, or anything else you find relevant is prudent to personal development and self-preservation in the long run.  Review previous journal entries so you can see potential patterns or simply to get insight how you handled previous bad or good occurrences in your life.

Listen To Calm Music

Collection of thought is done, at times, perfectly through tones or melodies that relax the body and mind.  Allowing a channel for release of negative energy will put you closer in touch with yourself.  And, through deeper understanding of one’s self, you can assure you’ll believe more words spoken to others to be true.

People find it difficult to believe in themselves yet continually tell people simply what they want to hear.  To promote healthier self help steps to success in your life, learn to take time to look inside and talk to yourself often.  You’ll have an easier time selling yourself to yourself and achieve greatness in your personal development program when you take steps to get in touch with yourself often.

Personal development plan

Personal development plan

The Long History of Personal Development

Personal development, from the time our world has come into existence to present day, seems to be a never ending battlefield of ‘who is right’.  While our most popular book in history, The Bible, is a preferred tool for self help to many, the history of personal development doesn’t stop there.  We have been assisting each other over time to better understand the human psyche, why we behave in certain mannerisms, and what tips or tricks may work best for various social regimens.  Here we look at some of the historical self help experts that have contributed dearly to our struggle for personal development and self-understanding.

God and Jesus

Many turn to this tandem – or singular entity, according to some – for personal development coaching.  While biblical content is available freely to the world, many people either fail to accurately see the simplistic approach to self help that is offered in  many of the sayings God and Jesus tell us in many of their books.  Perhaps the most intelligent and humility-filled entities ever to exist, these two top the list of giving simplistic advice backed by historical trend of good karma or adversity, depending on the road the personal seeking self help takes.


Yes, all of those ‘Confucius say’ quotes mean something after all.  The Chinese philosopher, who concentrated on self help tips for governmental and other social issues, has some simple, practical and useful personal development advice that many downplay for their ancient nature.  Whether these words spoken by Confucius are considered old or useful is an age-old battle; we believe that practicality does exist within his words and deem him an excellent source of historical self-help.

Deepak Chopra

Jumping ahead to current day personal development, Chopra has influenced more than unpretentious self help amongst his many readers.  The New Delhi native has used his techniques in mind-body medicine and public speaking to assist millions in personal development through many interesting techniques and thoughts.  Many people credit Chopra with healing body issues through simple relaxation as well as facing potential psychological issues through meditation exercises.

Dr. Phil, Oprah and scores of other personal development gurus are in existence today, each having their own thought process and helpful tips.  However, if interviewed separately, we can nearly guarantee their teachings or tips are spun from other historical advice givers.

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